A hopebag is a plastic grocery bag that is carried in a car and handed to a person on the street corner or handed to another person in need.  The bag contains $2 - $3 worth of items that satisfy the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the recipient
The content of a bag will depend on who the bag is intended for.  Following are links that give suggestions on what to put in the hopebags for the homeless:
A single serve, non-perishable meal of easy open cans, canned fruit juice or bottled water and plastic utensils and a napkin

A comprehensive list of long term help programs with phone numbers and maps   (see list here)

Personalized messages or letters of hope     (see explanation).

Self-addressed, stamped postcard with a pen that the homeless can use to send a message back  (see details)

Project Hope Bags
Project Hope Bags
God's love will find you, wherever you are
The Hopebag.